Let the New Year Begin!

For the first time in almost 10 years we’ll be wintering in Florida! Here’s a map that shows our different locations for Jan, Feb, and March –
Central Florida Map

We’re starting out the winter ‘season’ in Wauchula where we’ll be working at Sherry White Ministries. There are several facets to this ministry, but the basic premise is restoration through Jesus Christ! We are parked at the Pioneer Village and will be working with 4 other SOWER couples. Two of us are ‘seasoned SOWERS’ having been SOWERS for over 15 years, and two are pretty new and one is on their very first project!! We’re excited to be building new relationships and being a blessing to this ministry.
And yes, we will also be enjoying the 70-80 degree days! Just keeping it real!

Thank you for your prayers as we traveled from Ohio (Brrrrrr) to Georgia (Brr) to our current spot in Wauchula (Ah….) Yes, I’ve dug out the capris and the flip-flops! And it feels pretty good!Steph

PS – It’s after 9PM and it’s STILL 76! Crazy, right? I’m thinking this Floridian Winter is going to work out just fine!

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