Is He Worthy?

Yesterday, as I was finishing up a batch of dishes, there was a knock at my door. I have a lot of new neighbors this month, so I was expecting one of my new SOWER friends at the foot of the stairs. Instead I was surprised to see a familiar face from long ago that was entirely out of context. Hmmmm, I thought – it looks like Gene (a friend from our previous life in PA whom we hadn’t seen or been in contact with for over 10 years), but what would he be doing here in Vero Beach and how would he know where we are? As I stumbled over my knowing but not knowing just who he was, Gary came to the door and greeted him instantly – “Hello, Gene!! What a surprise!!”

Once my brain caught up and invited him in, we learned how God had worked out this unexpected blessing. Last week Gene (who has wintered in Vero Beach for several years unbeknownst to us) had struck up a conversation with some folks at his church about the Christian Motorcycle Association and other avenues of service. When the couple mentioned that they were also SOWERS, Gene asked if they knew us. They said they had never met us, but shared with him that we would be arriving on Friday to serve at Youth for Life Camp. And so his plan was hatched! What a delight to reconnect with him and catch up after so many years! Our main connection had always been our kids (his daughter and one of our sons graduated together) so we spent the next half hour sharing about where life had taken our offspring. His precious wife Mary had passed away in April, so we also learned how his life had taken some unforeseen turns. Eventually we set off for lunch and a wonderful little tour of his winter neighborhood as we continued to learn how God had been working in each of our lives over the years. It was a wonderfully unexpected delightful way to spend our Saturday afternoon. I just love it when God shares these kindnesses with us! Oh how worthy He is!

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  1. Thanks for faithfully posting your blogs. I’d love for God to bless you with a new “God wink” every day for this month. Reminds me of a couple years back when a text from the Conrad’s asked me if I had left for TX yet. Turned out I had just gotten on I-12 and was only about 10 miles behind you. Twenty minutes later we were having breakfast together at Chick fil A. Priceless!
    Is He Worthy is my new favorite song. I was back visiting my church in WV last fall and was pleased to hear our choir sing it. It was such an inspiring song that our pastor had the congregation sing it each week for a month so they could learn it as a new church hymn. Awesome! Thanks for posting.
    Hope to see you guys at Baptist Encampment the end of Feb. Love & hugs,
    Bill E

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