Mondays are for Memories – 15 years ago today!

I know that February is over, but I hope you are OK with just a couple more posts! Here’s one from 15 years ago – when we were finally heading West!

Heading West – at Last! March 2, 2005
Yes, friends, we’re finally in the West! OK, so it’s only west Florida, but hey, it’s WEST! Actually, we are about as far west as we’ve been on this trip – with the exception of our quick stop in Elkhart, Indiana last September. This area of Florida is quite different from our other stops in Florida. It’s a little hilly, with leafless trees (it’s been hard to remember it’s actually winter!) – and it kinda reminds us of home. Before we settled in here at the Teen Challenge Ranch, we took a little side trip into Alabama. We’re pretty close, and wanted to pick up some literature about things to do and see. It will be fun to explore both north to Alabama and then south to the Emerald Coast. We’re looking forward to our time here!

I’ve been taking some windshield shots along the way, just to get a feel for how the landscape changes as we travel about. Here’s a shot as we headed north on Tuesday – just a typical truck (among the quadzillion we travel with).

As we got closer though, it seemed like a truck we’d do well to pass!

Poison – Corrosive -Dangerous -Flammable -Inhalation Hazard – Dangerous when wet – Oxidizer – oh, and by the way, it makes wide turns!

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