Mondays are for Memories – The Wedding

Thirteen years ago today we all gathered in Lancaster, PA for the wedding of our youngest son and beautiful Abigail. Here’s the post from that wonderful event (and an up to date picture at the end!)

The Wedding (posted 3/15/2007)


I’ve been having a hard time trying to put into words the wonderful weekend that centered around the wedding of our youngest son Josiah to his sweetheart Abigail. It was full of family and friends (both old and new), had a little dose of stress (what wedding doesn’t!), contained both laughter and tears, and at the end of the day Mr. & Mrs. Josiah Conrad left to begin their new life together. Our accommodations were great , the rehearsal dinner worked out just fine, and we had a wonderfully peaceful Saturday to just hang around with family.
Since pictures are ALWAYS worth a thousand words (or at least a couple of paragraphs!) – here is a selection of some taken with my camera. Remember, I was pretty distracted being the Mother Of The Groom!


wedding2 Cake Cutting


The (steal the show) Flower Girls…..


wedding girls weddingdistraction



wedding preview

The Family….

The Conrad Wedding Picture


The BIG Family Wedding Picture

The Wedding Quilt…..

wedding quilt
There are a couple more pictures here, and as I get more from different sources, I’ll get them posted!
And as soon as I confirm their new address, I’ll post that too! What kind of mother am I!


And today….. 4 little boys, a move across the country, and more adventures than they ever thought possible!

Happy Anniversary, dear ones!! We’ve loved watching your love grow!

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