Bad Touristing

I know I’ve said this before, but after 15 years on the road Gary and I have become terrible tourists. An example of that was earlier this month when someone announced that there was an alligator down by the dock.
“Quick, “ I said. “Let’s go down and see it!”
“Naw, I’ve seen alligators before…..” was his ready reply. (Substitute whatever you’d like (beaches, mountains, … for the alligators and you’ll sense my conundrum.)
But while we didn’t take in many tourist spots here in central Florida (and you know there are a ton of them), we did manage a lovely walk along Lake Eustis.


And then I enjoyed a great boat ride from our camp, across Lake Harris, down the Dead River, through Lake Eustis, then through the Dora Canal into Lake Dora.
When the camp host offered us all a boat ride, I was truly expecting a lovely jaunt around the lake and then back to the dock.

Imagine my delight as we navigated the connecting waterways and were treated to something more like a Disney Riverboat Cruise (without the hippos jumping out at you!)!
It was an outstanding experience and one I’m so thankful that I got to enjoy! Lots of bird sightings, and we even spotted a baby alligator on a log. I took a couple of pictures, but I figured if I couldn’t pick him out of the landscape, you wouldn’t either!

Even though we didn’t do a great deal of touristy things, we still were able to connect with friends and family (before the big #stayhome), have several fun game nights, and even enjoy some SOWER-World famous Waffles and Ice Cream made by two of our favorite SOWER peeps!  It was all joy!
(I really need to do better at saying – Hey, look up! I’m taking a picture!, don’t I?)

If you’d like to see more of our working and playing pictures from our time at Camp Horizon, you can check them out HERE!

And since I’ve figured out the whole slide show thing, here are some of the lovely views from around camp.

Lord willing, we will be moving the house (but still #stayinghome) to our next SOWER location today. That being said, it’s time for me walk away from the computer and get out the bungee cords!

Stay well, everyone! We’re on our knees with you!

2 thoughts on “Bad Touristing”

  1. Great pictures Stephanie. Tom and I enjoyed meeting both of you in Vero Beach. May God keep you safe.

  2. I was hoping you’d get to take the boat ride through Dead River and to Dora. Loved your pictures. So many good memories played back over my mind. Thanks for posting.

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