It’s Electric!

We’ve had a bit of a crisis (within The Crisis) here. Not to worry – it has nothing to do with our health. But we have run into a major glitch with our electrical system. Even though we are plugged into “shore power”, essentially nothing is getting said power. Apparently there is this magic box in our RV (probably in all RVs) called an Inverter, which takes the shore power and passes it through to all of our electric plugs (and hence electric appliances) while at the same time diverting some of it to constantly charging our house batteries which power all of our (12V) lights. (I know – you’re glassy eyed already. I can tell because as many times as Gary has tried to explain this to me, within 15 minutes (or heaven forbid I take a nap) any understanding vanishes.) The bottom line is that after checking all other possibilities (including but not limited to installing new 50AMP service to the 2 RV sites here), we still have no juice to most of our outlets. Thankfully our refrigerator is on a direct power line as is one outlet so we’re not living out of a cooler, we can still make coffee, and I can charge our devices as necessary. But it does mean that we’ve found good use for our COVID-19 Recovery check when it arrives. Another plus – we can order the replacement online, so we can continue to STAY HOME!
On a brighter note – I’ve jumped on the ZOOM bandwagon! Whoohoo! Now there’s something to be thankful for!!

Let me know what’s a good time for you, and I’ll set up a meeting!



Stay safe – and keep washing those hands!

PS- My header photo for each post will probably be random pictures from our travels. Today’s is from Yellowstone National Park!

2 thoughts on “It’s Electric!”

  1. Hi had a similar situation. You probably know this but in my battery compartment I have a manual breaker needs to be reset manually. It’s between the battery and the inverter. I ended up replacing my inverter. God bless

  2. Glad you guys are safe and healthy where you are. At least Gary will have some time to swap out the inverter. Not a big deal to do. Yes, we have also become part of the Zoom community. We can chat with the G’kid out of state telling jokes to each other and we have been having our small group the last few weeks. We had 10 of us “together” last night. I’m working from home so sitting in front of my computer all day. Would love to “meet” you guys vitually if you would like. Blessings to you. Be safe and trust.
    Doug Schneider #3704

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