Whatever your hand finds to do…

Do it with all your might.
Ecclesiastes 9:10

This past week, as I was painting and painting and painting, I was so very thankful that God had given me something for my hands to do!  This was a productive first week on the job as Gary started installing some exterior lights
and also helped me with painting.  We tackled the hallway
and then moved on to freshening up the nursery!
(Love that Gary was able to do the ceiling cutting-in!)
(This was taken before the paint completely dried – it looked better the next morning, I promise!)
By the end of the week Gary had moved on to the big electric upgrade for the RV sites, and I had finished up in the Church building and moved the painting gear over to the Fellowship Hall building – another hallway, some classrooms and then the Fellowship Hall itself. Pretty sure there is plenty of job security here!
These days it would be so easy to fall into the Breaking News Syndrome (the inability to stop checking the news) which makes me all the more thankful for that 5 gallon bucket of paint that will keep my hands busy in the days to come!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe – and #stayhome!

Today’s header – (I’m sure you guessed) is Niagara Falls!

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