Week Two

We switched buildings this week as our painting projects progressed.  What once was blue
is now the calming shade of Airy Green.
I confess  it was lovely to use green paint instead of beige even though it did take a solid two coats to cover that blue!
By mid-week we were back to painting more already beige walls a slightly different color of beige. We got the hallway done and have the fellowship hall ready to roll when we start back on Monday.
Although the color is not a big change, I know that a fresh coat of paint will really perk up the room! It’ll be great to see the room all done next week!

In other news….check this out –
Yep! The refrigerator/freezer is back in business!!! It was a worthwhile exercise to empty out the freezer earlier this week – I was surprised at what I found and thankful most items were labeled (and dated – yikes!)!! I’m restocking from the church freezer slowing and trying to use things up as I do!
The new energy management part came in today, and is on deck for installation tomorrow. It was 90 today and tomorrow is supposed to only get into the low 70’s and my electrician really prefers the cooler temps. Once that gets installed I THINK our Electric Saga will be wrapping up!  Well, for the moment anyway.

Tomorrow we’ll ‘mask up’ and head out to the post office and the laundromat. I was hoping we could put off a grocery store trip until early next week, but I was just informed that we have used our last coffee filter so it looks like a stop at the Winn-Dixie will join the list. Priorities, baby, priorities!

Thanks for stopping by – keep washing those hands!

Oh – Congrats to Doug  (and Janet over on Facebook) who guessed yesterday’s “Where in the World” photo was from Olympic National Park – the HOH Rain Forest to be exact! If you’d like to see more photos from that beautiful park, you can check them out HERE!

Random header photo today is from our walk on the Vero Beach beach this past February.  Ahhhh……

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