Since we don’t actually know what’s NEXT (really, do any of us?), I figured I’d take a little time to wrap up our project time here at First Church of God in Middleburg. Gary and I managed to get all the general painting done that they asked us to do and Gary also finished up installing the exterior lights around the buildings. When I asked Cindy (our official job-giver) what’s next (we finished the painting on Tuesday), she gave me a choice – start painting the trim or work on some sewing. Now let me think – painting or sewing……Hmmmmmm…..
I’d already set up a nice sewing nook in the freshly painted nursery
where I’d been working on a batch of face masks.
I had already offered to make a wall hanging for the new nursery and this was the perfect opportunity for me to accomplish that task. I had a cute panel in my one of my bins and found some great border fabric in my stash. It was a delight to put together and I totally enjoyed reacquainting myself with machine quilting. By Friday morning it was all done, and ready to be hung!
It was a lovely way to wrap up our official SOWER project here at FCOG.
So what’s next?
Well, as I said, we don’t really know. The church here has kindly offered to let us stay here indefinitely, and that certainly is an option. We would, however, like to begin our trek north in the near future. With no SOWER projects in May there are actually 7 weeks between now and our next official SOWER assignment. I believe that is the longest stretch we’ve had in the last 15 years where we haven’t had a pretty clear picture of just where we’ll be. Or what we’ll be doing.
But here’s the thing. We are safe and secure where we are. We can stay. We won’t move until we have a firm plan and until we have that plan….
There’s lots of baseboard waiting for paint!

Praying you have a blessed LORD’s Day,

5 thoughts on “Next?”

  1. God has a plan for what’s next. You could hang out at the cabin if it’s not already occupied. It is good to be safe and secure. Praise the Lord!

  2. Ah – sheltering in the place at the Cabin would be divine!! It’s not quite ‘open for the season’ just yet, but it is available! We are trusting the LORD to direct our steps in the days (and years!) to come!

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