Coming into focus

Well, kind of!
Since we did not have a firm ‘next spot’ lined up and Gary is really, really awful at sitting around, he got started on a new project here at the church.
He’ll be upgrading the lights in the sign to LED’s and it (the sign) will get a good cleaning at the same time. (Pretty sure that part of the project is on my job list!). While he waits for the bulbs to come in, he’ll start on painting all the baseboard in the rooms we already painted. It’s possible I’ll put on my paint clothes and give him a hand with that, but since this is officially our week off AND my doctor nephew sent out another SOS for face masks…….Yep, the sewing wins again!
The good news is I found a source for elastic ( my order should be here by Thursday. Meanwhile I’m perfecting the technique to add the elastic at the end, but still have it all neat and tidy! It’s coming right along!

As of this afternoon we’ve nailed down a spot for us to park in Tennessee once the projects here are wrapped up. We’re pretty happy about that! But still, we are holding even that loosely! Because who really knows what tomorrow will bring! Instead we will say – “If the LORD wills….”

Stay safe and keep washing those hands!!

PS – Today’s Random Header is of Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah)

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