A couple of things….

One –
The elastic arrived!!
So my little mask production line has moved right along. Since I am making these masks from fabric out of my “stash”, every one comes with its share of memories. Oh, I remember when I made that bag. Didn’t this go in Maddie’s quilt? Man, I remember when I picked up this fabric in Maine!
So not only am I honored to be able to play a small part in the “Mask Maker Movement”, but I’m also blessed with a sweet trip down memory lane with each swatch of fabric! And as a bonus – I’m lightening the fabric weight in the RV – and that always makes Mr. Gary happy!
On their way!

Two –
The World and Everything in itAre you a little (OK, maybe a lot) overwhelmed with the news that is bombarding us day and night? I am. Is it spin, opinion, fact, fact-like, fiction? Can I recommend a daily news report that I have found extremely helpful? The World and Everything In It is a 30 minute (weekday) podcast that is a great example of Biblically objective reporting.  They do straight-up news reporting and when they share opinions, they are labeled as opinions.  Along with up-to-date COVID -19 reporting, they explain cases before the Supreme Court,  have interesting in-depth human interest stories and even do weekly movie reviews.  This podcast is under the umbrella of World Magazine, another GREAT resource for current news about the pandemic, the 2020 election, education, effective compassion, etc. and the world in general. I love the magazine because I can get it digitally, but their website and other offerings have so much good information. Really, check it out! (Much of it is available without a subscription.)

Three –
We still are on track to head to the mountains of Tennessee early next week.  Gary has some  projects to finish up and I need to IMG_6831close up my little sewing space and get this house ready to move down the road. Oh, and there’ll be a trip to the laundromat and super market too.  Good thing I kept a couple masks!
Have a good weekend (Yes, contrary to how it feels, this IS the weekend), and stay safe!  Do you feel like you can see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel? I do!


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