Seven Oh!

Gary Baby cropToday my dear, sweet, hardworking, superhero of a husband begins a new decade. (Or maybe he just completed the first year of his new decade – how do you count that?)
Celebrations are a little subdued this year (I think we’re going to do Arby’s Take-out), but I can’t think of anyone else I would want to be celebrating this milestone with!! Happy Birthday, love! Praying we have decades yet to go!
brother gary

9 thoughts on “Seven Oh!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Gary! Wishing you God’s very best. One of my best friends turned 70 today also!

  2. Happy 70th Birthday, Gary! Glad you can celebrate even if it’s only at Arby’s.

  3. Happy Birthday Gary! Bet you never thought you’d still be on the road at this point😉😃. So glad you’re still doing what you love!

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