Happy Mothers Day in Heaven

Dear Mom,
Tomorrow is Mothers Day  – my 24th Mothers Day without you!  Although I can now get through singing “It is Well with my Soul” without tears, I confess that the mellow tones of a cello always makes my heart constrict a bit and I am taken back to those nights of falling asleep to the sound of you practicing for your next concert.  The memories are so very sweet!

Oh, how I wish you could see how your grandchildren have grown into fine adults and then meet your beautiful great-grandchildren (you have 40 in total from all of us and I’m not all that sure that’s the final number). But then again – maybe you already knew that!

Happy Mothers Day in Heaven, Mom! Thank you for loving us so very well.

3 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day in Heaven”

  1. How old were you when your mom passed. This makes me sad for you. Was it a sickness or sudden? Gail

  2. I was 46 – she was only 71. It was lung cancer and she died within a week of her diagnosis. Kind of mind reeling at the time, but in retrospect she was spared a long chemo filled death. God was with us – and we are thankful for that!

  3. That was extremely quick after diagnosis. I know you would have wanted her to know her g’children. I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. Wishing it filled with happy memories.

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