I shared a similar reflection in the last SOWER newsletter, and just thought I’d share it with you’all too!

Summer. Usually this time of year is filled with reunions and picnics and trips to the beach. This year it seems to be filled with cancellations, postponements, delays and disappointments. The world, it seems, continues to spin out of control. However, maybe instead of dwelling on all the things we can’t do during these uncertain days, we should instead dwell on the many things we GET to do! We GET TO extend additional grace to our neighbors by lending a hand since we’re all staying closer to home. Maybe we even GET TO spend additional time with our close-by family. We GET TO perhaps learn a new skill (baked any bread lately?) or even concentrate on a home or RV project. We GET TO see our friends and family members using Zoom or FaceTime, when even 10 years ago that would’ve been out of our reach technologically. While we may not be able to (yet) join with others in person at our local churches, we GET TO experience a variety of churches throughout the country through the miracle of live-streaming and get a feel for the Church Universal. With our quieter schedules, we GET TO spend more time in the Word. And we GET TO encourage each other, and those around us, by sharing the Peace that we have found in Christ. AND – we GET TO pray! For our families, our communities, our partner ministries, the SOWER ministry and for our country. I’ve heard it said that the most exercise we’re getting these days is shaking our heads in bewilderment. Let’s instead take the opportunity to BOW our heads and lift these unprecedented days to the Throne of Grace where our Savior awaits our prayers. He’s “got this”, and of that we can be certain!

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  1. Yes, it is good to concentrate on the good, rather than the bad. Sorry we didn’t get to see you while you were at MBC.
    Dave & Donna

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