The Family Doctor

Before we actually left the project last week (was it only last week???) we made a quick overnight trip to our Family Doctor.
Dr MikeLet’s face it. “Doctoring” is one of those life necessities that does not fit well with our mobile lifestyle.  Sure, there are Urgent Care facilities and Emergency Rooms just about everywhere for those urgent and emergency type events, but for your standard check-ups, routine tests and just plain having a primary care doctor that has some history with you, that has been a little tricky. Several years ago we approached my nephew (the doctor) about us becoming patients at his group practice.  You know, those once-a-year kind that occasionally will call with a question so you can tell them sternly to GO FIND A DOCTOR.  He agreed! Fortunately for us, he also has a lovely wife and four great kids that we totally enjoy visiting, so our annual Family Doctor visit often turns into a beautiful family affair. This year was no different. In fact, this year was quite spectacular! Not only did we fit in all the necessary check-ups, blood work and mammogram (all came back with good reports, thank you, LORD!) but Gary was able to do a follow-up with a pulmonary specialist to make sure he was doing all he could to control his asthma.  All good on that front too! But of course the best part was not only did we get to see the good doctor’s beautiful family, but his sister Abby came over with her 5 littles (not so little, most of them, but a new addition we hadn’t met yet!), AND my sister and hubby also showed up for the afternoon.  We laughed and played games and with so many cousins around (and a trampoline in the backyard) we even had a couple of minutes for adult conversations!! What we didn’t do was take any pictures of all the fun! Finally, as the Maryland cousins were getting ready to head home and everyone seemed to be clustered in the hallway, Abby pulled out her phone and documented the day!
That’s not all of us, but it’s a good representative crew!
Good doctor reports blended in with good family visits. Ah, the beauty of it all!

PS – About the header photo – so few pictures were taken,  I had to grab one from our visit there back in 2018! We did not have Lizzie the RV with us this trip – she stayed put back at Potomac Park!

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