Putting it back together and the answer

We had a good last day of our first week today. Turns out all of the cabins I’d been busy closet-painting this week were going to be used this weekend, so we had to make sure all the painters tape was up, all the paint supplies put away (even it that means they are just under a tarp by our RV), and the shelves re-installed.
Gary and I worked together and got four of the six closets done. (The other two still had wet paint from this morning, so he’ll get them done in the morning!)
Now I know those aren’t the most impressive closets, but I must confess I was pretty pleased with how fresh and clean they looked. I probably won’t go back after the weekend to see if they got banged up again! Sometimes it’s the little things, right?

Oh – the one official guess on my Wednesday Mystery Location was generally correct. Yes, it is Utah! Those were some pictures from Zion National Park taken 10 years ago during what Gary affectionately calls The Rock Tour. You can check out a bit more about our time at that fabulous park HERE!

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