Tree ‘sup

I’m going to be honest here. In the 17 Christmases we have enjoyed during our time ‘on the road’ I have never done much Christmas decorating. It’s not that I’m against it – oh no! Back in the day (i.e. living in PA in our 1860s farmhouse), I was all about candles in every  window, white lights in the pine trees that lined the road, garlands around the bannisters and sprigs of holly and evergreens peeking out from picture frames. Oh, and ribbons. Lots and lots of ribbons. Even though we didn’t put our family tree up until Christmas Eve (shocking, I know!), I decorated a small Victorian themed tree in the front parlor early in the season and I loved adding small ornaments to it each year. Ah, yes – I truly loved decorating for Christmas.

But since we’ve been traveling, we’ve only rarely been in our RV for Christmas Day.  If we are at home for Christmas, it’s only because we haven’t yet traveled to see some set of kids and grands somewhere.  Our Christmas morning filled with warm sticky buns and fuzzy slippers and jammies all day happens some days later in the cozy family rooms of our kids. So most years I pull out my shoebox full of Christmas items, and at least put out my two nativities and sprinkle some cherished ornaments around. This year I’m feeling kind of stumped. We won’t be here for Christmas, but we won’t be with any of our kiddos either. We’ll be ‘self-quarantining’ down on the coast of Alabama (Orange Beach to be exact) in a lovely condo overlooking the Gulf. And while we’re looking forward to that (in a way), it seems so un-Christmas-y that I’m having a hard time feeling the desire to decorate.  So far, the shoebox has remained under the bed.  But not to be a total Scrooge, I finished up the little Christmas tree wall hanging (made with scraps from all those stockings I made!) so I can officially say – the tree ‘sup!
Christmas 2020

You know, just writing this up has made me a little nostalgic for a bit more Christmas decorating. That shoebox might just come out from under the bed after all! I’ll keep you posted!

3 thoughts on “Tree ‘sup”

  1. Have the two of you been exposed, or do one of you have Covid? Sorry you can’t be with any of the kids this year. Everyone has different circumstances, this is a very different year. Wishing you a very merry Christmas in the best of New Year’s

  2. Blessings as you celebrate the incarnation. Celebrate the gift and the giver!

  3. Praying that the Spirit of Christmas fill you with all of the fond memories you have enjoyed over the years. That those memories will carry you through this year. I also pray that God will bless you and Gary as you create a unique memory this year that will stand out from the rest. Living in Michigan gives me the memory of snow and warm fires,. To me it would be very un-Christmas sitting under a palm tree! But as I read the story over and over again, I’m thankful. Merry Christmas to you both!

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