Sister Care

Orlando airport
If you’ve been hanging around here for long you know I have a very special relationship with my sisters. The older we get, the more precious is the time we can all be together. Last year we did a winter getaway in Pompano Beach at a lovely condo, loaned to us by a friend. The sisters came to me and it was great! This year, given the COVID situation and general health concerns, we’re all gathering at the other end of the sister line in New England. So here I sit, in the Orlando Airport,
Orlando airport
waiting for my flight to Baltimore. Once in Baltimore, I join Joie on the next flight to Manchester NH, where Elna will pick us up and the 2021 Sisters’ Winter Getaway will officially begin!
Instead of a condo we’ll be in this sweet cottage on Lake Winnepesaukee, NH.

One of my SOWER friends asked just what we’ll be doing. The answer is simple-loving each other. There will be games and puzzles, naps and sleeping in, laughter and tears, scripture and prayers.
Sister Care
It’s a good thing!

Fair warning- while I won’t exactly be “out of pocket” for the next week, I will be delightfully distracted. So if it’s pretty quiet around here, I trust you’ll understand!

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  1. Have a great time with your sisters, it’s so awesome that you can continue to do this. Enjoy

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