It was inevitable

The curtains were done and hung.

Untitled Untitled

The rags were hemmed and stowed away

Untitled Untitled

The mattresses were mended and returned to their bunks

Untitled Untitled

So finally the inevitable happened.
Housekeeping. Cleaning. Showers and toilets and mirrors and floors!

With the layoffs precipitated by the COVID shutdown, we volunteers are essentially the Housekeeping Crew these days. So while I was happy to be on “Team Sewing” for the first half of the project
Sewing sowers
I was more than willing to join Team Housekeeping as the weekend approached. There are four small groups herethis weekend (Yea for the revenue flow!), so let’s just say there is job security for next week too!
But lest you think we ladies ONLY do scrubbing and vacuuming, with a bit of painting thrown in when necessary, we do manage to find some light hearted moments as well!
A little cheesecake at the cabins we cleaned.

Anticipating the new improved slip-n-slide!

Helping the men move some lumber….

Doing a bit of Quality Control on the new hammock/swings….

And doing a bit of princess on a pea on our needs-to-be-mended pile of mattresses!

We ended the week with a lovely ladies luncheon combining ROAMers and SOWERs-
And then a wonderful gathering of area SOWERS at a park in Lake Wales.LakeWalesGatheringFeb21
It was grand to see so many folks – old friends and new!

It was a great second week! Next week the ROAMers are ‘off’, so it will just be the six of us SOWER couples manning the chores.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be kept nice and busy!

Hope you’re all having a blessed weekend-and a special Birthday shoutout  to our beautiful DIL, Tammy!



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