Life at the Retirement Center

We’ve worked at a lot of different SOWER projects over the years – camps and conference centers, rescue missions, group homes, children’s homes, schools and colleges, and even some US headquarters of international ministries (like Mercy Ships and MAF). But we’ve never before worked at a retirement center. But this is not just a retirement center. It’s home to missionaries who have served our LORD faithfully on the African Continent in years past (and some even to this day!). This retirement center offers reasonably priced housing for folks coming off the field, and also provides wonderful community for these precious saints. We SOWERS on the project join with other volunteers for inspiring devotions (often from those retired missionaries), and then get to work doing whatever needs to be done. Although there are no current building projects, many of the lovely duplex homes here have been constructed by SOWERS. This time around the guys are working on everything from cutting down trees to moving hot water heaters to general maintenance.

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(Not real sure what Gary is doing here, but it had something to do with moving a hot water heater from the laundry room to the garage. Mission was accomplished by mid-week!)
We ladies started out the week cleaning a house that had recently been vacated so the new folks coming in would find everything spic and span! After that was accomplished, we moved to windows! Lots and lots of windows!
The SOWER grapevine had prepared me for window washing here at AIM, but as it’s said – “Many hands make light the work”. Nothing like some SOWER team work to get the job done! (Now if I could just sign them up for my place!)
Another service offered to these retirees is some general sewing and mending as needed. Since my hand always goes up when they ask if anyone wants to sew, I joined fellow SOWER Diane in the sewing room for a couple of hours towards the end of the week. A bit of pajama hemming, a little hand sewing, and some easy ‘rag hemming’. Our next sewing project though will be a bit more of a challenge. The facility has many upholstered chairs where the fabric on the chair back is failing. And failing in a big way. They’ve totally reupholstered about a half dozen and have found the results lovely, but too labor intensive to be practical. So we were asked if we could figure out an easier way to make covers for the backs that would end up being both economical and attractive.
We’re thinking pillowcase-ish and dropcloth fabric. Monday will be our prototype day – so I’ll keep you posted!

We finished off our first week with a yummy hotdog roast and some great fellowship around the campfire.
Ah….a lovely week all around!



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