So I’ve been looking for a particular photo that I KNOW I have somewhere in my archives. It’s one of those ancient of days photos – you know, before this digital world existed. So it’s either a scan or a photo of a photo, and I was pretty sure it was on my phone. Which of course meant I had to start looking through all 17,939 Photos.
Houston, we have a problem.
Honestly, I have tried to weed out the extraneous ‘road ahead’ pictures, and maybe I didn’t need all 247 pictures from our day at the Grand Canyon back in 2010, but still…
How do I remove these –
or these….
Or the other thousands that brought smiles to my heart in the last hour. But alas – I was on the hunt for that ONE picture, which I did find, in a random folder on my computer. Of course. But by that time, it was way too late to finish that little project AND do this blog post, so the distraction won tonight!
Is there a Photo Savers Anonymous group I should be joining?
Photo taken in September of 2007. Still a favorite. Still on the phone.

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