Finally – The Reunion




I think I’ve spent so much time going over the preparations for our family reunion because I can’t quite figure out how to put into words the wonderfulness of it all!  The weather was not especially cooperative (more rain and clouds than sun), but that didn’t seem to slow us down one bit!


From crazy antics at the pond

to the fishing competition
Fishing Contest

to massive Bingo games to stay out of the rain

to fun on the swing

to naps in the hammock
Hayley & Everly

to games under the tent

to the peanut gallery always watching the activities
More Pond Watchers

it was a fabulous, fabulous time! Since pictures most often speak louder than words, here are some galleries of the multitude of pictures taken over our long weekend.
Pond Fun

Fishing Fun


And just some general people!

And if you’re really a glutton for Dwinell Family photos – here’s a link to the whole batch!

2 thoughts on “Finally – The Reunion”

  1. Loved looking at the photo gallery! What a great blessing to be able to gather together.

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