Lots to catch up with here, but I thought I’d better at least touch base and let you know we have arrived safely at our November SOWER project location – Whispering Pines Baptist Camp in Citronelle, AL (which is about an hour North (and a bit west) of Mobile. See the map over at the “Where are we Now” Page). I’ll be honest here – after a whirlwind October – which included, but was not limited to, South Dakota goodness,
a Galveston Adventure,
a bit of a  construction project,
and pirates armed with minions – arrggghhhh –
– we’re so very thankful to be sitting all by ourselves at a sweet camp, parked with a beautiful magnolia tree in our front yard.
There’s lots to share, but for now….
Sleep well, my friends! I know we’re looking forward to some sweet rest tonight!

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