So where are we?

Since I just updated my “Where are We Now?” page, I figured that would count as my PAD contribution. Don’t you agree? So you don’t have to actually navigate over to that page – here you go!
November 26-Dec 20
Our December SOWER project is at Dothan Community Church in (you guessed it) Dothan, Alabama!

While we’ve never worked at this project before, we are familiar with this area since it was our closest ‘civilization’ (think phone signal) during our many months at Teen Challenge in Bonifay (FL) back in 2006-2008. This church is in the middle of a large building project – new worship wing and all kinds of other rooms!
The guys (there are two other couples serving with us this month)will be finding plenty of work to do I’m sure.
But rumor has it we ladies might be decorating the existing church for Christmas! Now that sounds like a lovely way to start our time here!

Oh – In the picture at the top of this post is a rare sighting of Gary actually sitting down in the sunshine! I felt documentation was in order!

2 thoughts on “So where are we?”

  1. Dothan Community Church is dear to us. These people are amazing and it is one of the most exciting projects that we worked. Looking forward to your report. Try to get to the Ft. Rucker, home of the helicopter training post. We loved our time with this part of the family of God and these people were a blessing to serve with.

  2. Thanks, Gerry! We’re looking forward to serving here – we’ve wanted to for several years, but they just weren’t asking for SOWERS!

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