A few last beachy thoughts

Gary and I have been home a couple of days now, and we’re generally unpacked and settling in back to ‘real life’. But I wanted to share a couple of “Beach Therapy” thoughts before too many more days go by!
1. We’re not really beach people. Gary especially is not a fan of sand. But sitting on our little balcony and watching the surf roll in did our hearts good.
And we didn’t track in any of that white gritty stuff as long as we stayed on the balcony!
2. Even on less than perfect days, that surf never let us down!
3. If I happened to get up super early I could actually catch a beautiful sunrise through palm trees.

4. And oh, those sunsets….

5. While we didn’t spend a lot of time on the beach, when we did – it was oh-so-lovely!

6. Sometimes when you plan two weeks at the beach, and you’re not really into sand, you bring your sewing machine along and combine that ‘beach therapy’ with some ‘sewing therapy’.
And that was lots of fun!
7. Just because we had no interest in making a big deal out of New Years Eve, doesn’t mean we can enjoy a nice New Years Eve lunch
and take in a round of mini-golf!
8. And about that mini-golf! There are lots of option for mini-golf in the touristy area. Some of them are ultra fancy with waterfalls and mountains, and caves. This one, Goofy Golf,
was built in 1958 and I’m pretty sure some of the holes are original! Like the one where you have to hit the ball into an outhouse to get down to the hole.
What we really like was that it was a two-holer outhouse (just like at our cabin)
and I even hit it into my favorite side! (Sorry if that’s TMI!) 🙂
To say this was an old school course might be a bit of an understatement
but the price was certainly right – $3.00 for adults, $1.50 for kids!! So fun!
9. Whether you’re a beach addict or a beach enthusiast or a beach just-let-me-listen-to-the-waves person, taking two weeks off from your regular life to recharge and refresh is a good, good thing!
10. And we’re so hopeful that next year will be a grand family Christmastime at the beach kind of year!
Kings Castle Destin, FL

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