Backtracking – Part IV

Really? Another installment? I think this will be the last of the catch-up posts, so here goes…..

We finished up our project at HEART in Lake Wales, FL and drove the house up to Live Oak, FL (where we worked in January), parked it nicely, plugged it in and the next morning we loaded up the truck and drove to Texas! It was kinda crazy, but we really wanted to get to the SOWER Texas Rally and this was the only practical way to do it!
It was a long day of driving – but we got close enough so that we just had a bit of a drive the next day to get to our Rally destination (ALERT Academy in Big Sandy, TX). After a stop at the office in the morning, we were off to the Rally!
While the remnants of Covid-19 and the price of fuel may have diminished the number of attendees at this year’s Texas Round-up, what we lacked in quantity we made up for in quality! Once again ALERT provided exceptional accommodations and meals along with a great facility for fellowship and community. We were able to help out with a service project collating/stapling booklets containing the Gospel of John and Romans to be sent worldwide
and I even got to run one of the massive stapling machines!
As a bonus – I left with all my fingers too!
We met so many new SOWERs, and it’s always a blessing to see how God is growing our ministry! Here we all are –
SOWER Roundup, 2022 03, ALERT
Pretty nice looking group, right? From folks who have worked over 100 projects to the couple who were on their way to their first project- our fellowship was sweet, and it was well worth the drive!
We arrived safely back at Live Oak, got a good night’s rest and set out the next morning for our April project – here at Marshview Bible Camp!

We’re pretty close to Savannah, so this past Sunday we drove in for the morning worship at Independent Presbyterian Church which was inspiring!
Then we strolled around town and enjoyed some of the Savannah ambiance!
Such a beautiful city!
One thing we did miss, though! Turns out my nephew and wife were also in Savannah that day – and went to the evening service at IPC! We couldn’t let a ‘near miss’ deter us, so we met up Monday night for some ice cream!
What an unexpected delight!
So that about brings us up to date. Well, except for what we’ve been doing this week here at Marshview. But hey, I have to save something for another day, right?
Thanks for stopping by (again and again!)!

If you’d like to see a few more TX Rally photos, you can check them out here!

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