C511F7CC-7EF5-4894-A435-627DFE814A92As so often happens, life is full of twist and turns. This morning I am sitting in the Savannah airport waiting for a flight north. I’ll meet up with my sister Joie in Scranton, and we’ll continue north to help care for our dear sister, Elna. When I left her last month we were very hopeful that the three tumors they found in her brain would be treatable and the crisis would be averted. However, while those tumors could be treated, she has not been able to regain her strength to actually endure the treatments. No one knows but our Lord what the days ahead will look like, but I knew (as did my sister Joie) that I needed to be there. Gary graciously said – Go! Stay as long as you are needed (or that my heart needs to be there). And so I am on my way. We covet your prayers as we face the days ahead – knowing that while Heaven is such a good thing for Elna, still we pray for more time with  her.  He is holding her and keeping her and we are trusting in His goodness to her.

A dear friend said to me “Hurting deeply is a beautiful sign that we have been blessed to have loved deeply.”  Yes, how blessed we are!


PS – I worked hard to get this blog up-to-date this last week because it could get pretty quiet in this little corner of the internet for the next little bit. You understand, right? Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Detour”

  1. Sending thoughts and prayers Stephanie as you travel to be with your dear sister. May God grant you safe travels. Oh the love your sisters have shared. Blessed you are to have these wonderful bonds of sisterly love. May God hold you dearly in the palm of His hand as you go to be near your dear dear sister. Hugs

  2. Yes, I totally understand and so does SOWERs. Let everything go, just enjoy your time with your sisters. God is going to gently usher to His throne with all the loved ones that have gone on before her and she will await you there. There is no price tag that us earthly humans can put on the peace that comes with knowing that they have made their preparations for eternity and we will join them there. Heaven is a beautiful place to anticipate in all aspects. Love you, enjoy this time, Gail

  3. Praying for all of you😔. You are doing the right thing. Love and prayers being lifted. 💖🙏

  4. Steph, I am praying for you and your family and that Elna feels the love of her family. I am sure she does. Thankful that Gary is such a great husband that he understands what you need at this time. Praying for safety as you travel. Loved the words you said in this message. Keeping you in our prayers 👍❤️

  5. Prayers for your sister, Elna, and your family. God is good. Your faith in our Father blesses all of you. Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful family. Bless them as they care for Elna. You know your plans for her.

  6. Praying for you as you head north to be with your sisters. Praying for Elna for Lord to give her strength. Bless you all to be with her as you care for her.

  7. Stephanie,
    I know the bond between sisters is so strong. I also know the love that is shared through God . Our prayers are with you as go through this valley.
    Love you and yours so much.
    John and Nancy

  8. Please give Elna my love! I always enjoyed being with all your sisters even though it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them!

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