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Back when my grandparents built this cabin,  ownership was easy. They deeded it to my parents who even after they (sadly) divorced still owned it jointly.  When they passed, they left it to the four of us siblings, which began to complicate things. We decided, instead of trying figure out how our four families were going to ‘own’ it, to form a non-profit corporation – The Dwinell Cabin Association. That way we all pay dues to cover expenses so no one is burdened with the financial responsibility or liability. Since we are an official corporation, we have to have an annual association meeting. Generally, we’ve met at the cabin with as many as who can come.
And to be honest, those meetings were mostly just excuses for us to get together and enjoy a meal and each other’s company. Of course, minutes were always taken to make it official. Our board of directors started with just the four of us – The Senior Siblings – and mostly we discussed different maintenance issues – Did the road need to be fixed? Should we replace our high-security chain across the road with an actual gate? Where should we hang the first aid kit? When should we have the next family reunion? You get the drift, right?
But as our family grew, so did our members and so did the Board of Directors! The next generation has started to take some ownership in our precious cabin and for that we are over-the-moon happy! Last year we had probably our biggest association meeting ever at our Family Reunion here at the cabin, with just about every adult in the family in attendance. Business Meeting
So much good discussion – so many new and fresh ideas! It really was a beautiful thing to see!
This year’s meeting was filled with ‘firsts.’  It was our first family meeting without Elna. And that was hard. It was also our first totally virtual meeting. With the exception of Gary, Chris and I who were together enjoying Chris’s internet, everyone else was at their own home. In North Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in Ohio, in Utah, in New York, in Vermont, and even (yes!) Australia! I can’t say it is my favorite way to have a meeting, but my it was grand to see all their faces and hear their input!
Gotta love technology!
Two new board members were voted in and for the first time ever the ‘young’uns’ out numbered us ‘oldsters’. (On the board that is. They’ve outnumbered us in general for YEARS!) But I’m pretty sure that is the way it’s supposed to go!
As our family grows and the next and next generations start using the cabin regularly (a fifth generation Dwinell will be here right after we leave!) it’s wonderful to watch them love the cabin a little more with each passing year.
And as you can see – there are a lot of us to share that love !

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