Home is where the heart is

Well, even though I often feel like my heart is actually tucked away at that little cabin in Vermont,
Untitledthe truth is – home is where we park it! And right now it’s still parked at Odosagih Bible Conference. The trip home was long – breakfast at a local (and newly reopened) diner, a quick nap before we even made it out of Vermont, then a stop at the Costco in Rochester. We picked up some favorite Costco items, but were mostly delighted to find gasoline at $3.99/gal! (Sad that makes us happy, right?) It made the long lines (each line was at least 8 cars deep) worth it. All in all about eleven hours from start to finish. But it was uneventful (in a travel sort of way) and we are thankful to be home. Monday we start our second month here at OBC. We’re working alone (as in we’re the only SOWERs here this month), which mostly means that Gary and I will be working together. I’ll let you know what kind of group leader he turns out to be!

I’ve been looking through some pictures from our Cabin time – so be prepared for some additional stories about that little red cabin up on the hill!

Thanks for stopping by! Praying that tomorrow brings you blessings as you spend time in corporate worship with fellow believers!Steph


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