Four Day Work Weeks

Let’s be honest, there is nothing NOT to like about only working four days a week.  And let’s remember they are shortened days at that – 6 hours for Gary,  about 4 for me.  So every Thursday afternoon we are happy that, for us, the work week is over. This week I must confess we were not only happy, we were H.A.P.P.Y.  Not that the work was especially hard, but it seemed that the reentry back into ‘real life’ after two weeks at the cabin was just harder than usual.   My body seemed to be constantly calling for a nap, and I was so achy that I actually took a COVID test to make sure that that little gift hadn’t returned! Negative. Phew.  By Wednesday (and our little styrofoam adventure) I was beginning to come out of my achy fog, and I’m happy to report that things are pretty much back to normal.  I probably had a touch of ‘something’ – but it seems to have moved on, so for that I am thankful! Sorry for the whining. If that was over-sharing, my apologies!

So – our week. We’re on our own this month – and there is plenty for us to do! Our primary project is the Bethany House – an older home right across the street from us that has been anything from staff housing, snack shop, accommodations for retreats, and who knows what else. It’s getting a major overhaul to turn it back into a single family dwelling in anticipation of the arrival of a new program director.
This is the same house that the guys were concentrating on last month – pulling up the carpeting and other miscellaneous flooring
and getting started on prepping the upstairs for painting.
Two coats of primer, two coats of finish. They got a good start on things last month, but we knew there was still plenty to do! We returned to a small addition to the list – all the closets and all the trim (in all 5 rooms, hallway and bath) needed to be painted white. So – two coats of primer, two coats of semi-gloss. Like I said, plenty to do!

Here’s the hallway – the one area that kept its paneling-
The two of the best parts about this job is that Gary starts earlier than I do and when I arrive, he has my bucket filled with paint and just directs me to the trim in need of some semi-gloss. (In other words, I have a really great boss!) The other plus is that since all of these floors are being resurfaced we don’t have to worry about the getting paint on them. And let me tell you, that is one long line of cutting in that just doesn’t have to happen! We’ll take all the blessings we can when it comes to painting.
Next week – we’ll be painting. When we started out as SOWERs, I really didn’t like painting. But after we did that little reno in Waco a couple of years ago, let’s just say paint and I have come to an understanding. Especially with white semi-gloss! Even with my yucky start, I think we still got a fair bit accomplished by the end of the week. God is good!
By Friday I was more than ready for a couple of ‘no alarm’ mornings. The laundry was wrapped up, the credit card statements were printed and reconciled, I got a good start on the SOWER newsletter, and several naps were logged. Tonight started a new week here at Odosagih Bible Conference where we enjoyed a concert by Sherry Anne. It was quite a concert/inspirational evening, especially given that Sherry Anne was born with a bilateral hearing and speech impairment. We were blessed indeed!
Pretty sure tomorrow will be a ‘no alarm’ morning as well, since church is at 10:30, and it’s across the street. Every week, along with a Saturday night concert, there is also a different guest speaker. And we’ve been fed the Word at each service we’ve been to.  How kind it is for God to have placed us here!

OK – that’s about it for the week. It had a pretty slow start, but it all ended well! Once again, God has proven faithful!
Have a blessed Lord’s Day, friends!

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