The Weekend and the Wrap-up

Here we are, once again, at the end of another SOWER month! We put in some extra hours (remember all those days Gary started at 7?), so we’re scooting out a day early (i.e. tomorrow). But what a great month we’ve had! Although we are very ‘pitiful tourists’ these days, we did make the trip over to Letchworth State Park (which some say is the nicest state park in the country!) this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful park, and we enjoyed the day immensely! We checked out the Middle Falls, the Upper Falls, the restored restaurant (exterior only – it seemed a little fancy for our hiking gear!), and took a stab at the Lower Falls. Unfortunately, the sign indicating the 127 stairs to get down to the falls (followed by the 127 steps getting back up from the falls) was not met with great enthusiasm. After all, we had just hiked way more than we’d hiked in months, so it seemed reasonable to grab a couple of ‘close to the falls’ pictures, and call it a day! (Besides which, Gary claimed he’d already seen water falling over rocks twice that day already. Like I said – pitiful touristing!) Here’s a little slide show of our hike –

We’ve been blessed abundantly by the speakers and concerts and special music that we’ve been able to enjoy here at Odosagih Bible Conference. This summer they are celebrating their 100th anniversary – so they were pulling out all the stops!
This is a little hidden gem in Western NY – and surely hope that God continues to bless them for the next 100 years (or until He comes again!).
On the work front, we continued painting the second floor at the Bethany House in anticipation of new staff. Sometimes we were very cozy –
but mostly we were working on our own sections, trying to finish up the job. Remember that banister they took down and rebuilt?
in Process –
Collecting stuff
Finished product –
My only part in this transformation was the final finish on the top, but I really do think it came out nicely!
While I was finishing up with the polyurethane, Gary moved outdoors yesterday and today to help install a new electronic sign –
Still needs a little finish work –
but it’s up and running. And the good news is, it’s someone else’s job to actually make it legible!
It was a fun way to end up our time here, and to be honest, Gary was pretty happy to put away our paint supplies! The team next month will be working on the first floor, and our Odosagih friends have promised to send us photos of the completed job. I can’t wait to see what it looks like with its new flooring!

So what’s next? Well, we’re taking September off from SOWER work, but have filled it with visits with friends and family, a couple of routine doctor visits, and will be finishing it off with some Cabin time. The very best way to end a summer in my book! So busy times ahead – but good times to be sure!

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  1. Looks like a great month, along with a lot of work but also some play. You guys are amazing, thank you for what you do. Miss you hope you’re doing well enjoy your time away next month

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