The Long Road to the Cabin

Generally, when we’re headed to the Cabin, we go the quickest way possible. But sometimes, when there is a bit of a gap between when you are available to go to the Cabin and when the Cabin is available to you (it is, after all a Family Cabin!), the road to the Cabin is long and windy. But still full of delights!

First we moved Lizzie (the RV) from Odosagih Bible Conference to a SOWER friends’ home in Bradford, PA.
It wasn’t too far, so we drove separately and I snuck a quick picture. (Don’t judge me – I’m a trained photo snapper and you can see how heavy the traffic was!).
Once we got her settled (i.e. parked and plugged in), we enjoyed dinner with our friends and then left at zero-dark-thirty the next morning for the first leg of the trip. (Sorry, but this trained photo snapper totally failed to document said parking and friends!).
Over the river and through the mountains to my sister’s house! We hadn’t seen each other since we had said good-bye “see you later” to our dear sister Elna in May, so there were hugs and tears and love in abundance.
Also some fun excursions, which included (but was not limited to) yard sales, ice cream, fancy coffee, worship and prayer, and more hugs.
What a lovely weekend!
Monday we got an early start on our next leg – the annual doctor check-ups and visiting with our nephew and and his family (always the best part of those doctor visits!). We took in a volleyball game
(my great-niece is #12 at the net – not even jumping but still the tallest one there!),
helped facilitate the Great Grill Exchange (between Parents and Children)
played lots of games
ate too many wings (no documentation – but trust me Too. Many.)
and generally just had a super sweet time with these guys!
(And for the record – all check-ups, mammogram, and bloodwork came back A-OK! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!)
After that lovely visit, it was back to Joie’s, for a final couple of days of togetherness. We won’t be hugging again until next summer, so each day together is a precious gift. All too soon, it seemed, it was time to head off on one more leg of the Long Road to the Cabin.
It was another early start –
and good day’s drive, but our final stop before the cabin was way up in upstate NY for a visit with some of our very best SOWER friends – Kim and Joe!
We had two perfectly lovely lazy days – watching the turkey’s meander through their yard, and sharing our lives over the last year.
I’m so thankful for friends who we don’t get to see very often, but once we’re together it’s like no time had passed at all! I did get one picture of all four of us – on the morning that we left. A little double-chinny, but hey – it was early!
I am so thankful for these folks – and so many others – that we have met and grown to love through the SOWER Ministry. How full our life has been because of them!
And then, finally, on Monday morning we set out for Vermont and the Cabin! We crossed into Vermont from the north –
and reached the cabin by mid-afternoon.
Odosagih to Bradford, PA – 50 miles
Bradford to Green Park, PA -180 miles
Green Park to Chambersburg – 50 miles
Chambersburg to Green Park – 50 miles
Green Park to Canton, NY – – 375 miles
Canton to The Cabin – 225 miles
Total Miles to Cabin – 930
Cheapest Fuel – 3.89/gal (Costco outside of Burlington, VT)(!How crazy that that price made us happy???)
Memories – worth every extra mile!!

Thanks for waiting so patiently for this update! But I’m sure you will agree that spending time with family and friends far outweighs spending time sitting at a computer.
Sending loads of Cabin love your way –

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  1. LOVE this post! The pictures of friends and family, the scenery, your friends home and yard with the wild turkey!!!😃❤️ The cabin just looks like the most peaceful retreat you could ever ask for😊 God has certainly blessed you both and I couldn’t be happier for you😘🙏🏼 ENJOY

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