Sometimes when I’m at the cabin (as mentioned in the previous (long ago) post) I have a true spurt of blogging. And sometimes when I’m at the cabin I don’t open my computer for anything other than stuff that requires my immediate attention (are any checks going to bounce?, the SOWER newsletter, Cabin business itself). Obviously, the latter was true for those past two weeks. So while I’m hopeful that I’ll backtrack to some Cabin adventures in the days to come, right now I think I’ll just stick with the here and now.
After a long drive from the Cabin to where our RV was parked (Bradford, VT to Bradford, PA), we were finally reunited with our girl after a good solid three weeks.
The plants had not died, no small rodents (or large ones for that matter) had taken up residence, and all in all, it just felt good to be home. We brought in the perishables and what we needed for that night, and pretty much fell into our own bed. Ah…..
But the traveling was not over! The next morning, after doing a bit more unloading (so much stuff, so little room….), we started our ol’ girl up (it was a little rough, but she finally started purring), and we took to the road once again. This time we were heading for our family in Columbus.

Monday night was dinner with our daughter and family (my only picture is of Alexandra – too busy catching up to snap more! And no, she’s not actually poking out her mother’s eye!).
Tuesday we moved up to Marysville for a visit with our son, Toby, and his family. And we were swept right into their busy life!
When you put together two high school daughters (each with jobs and babysitting careers but only one with a license), two boys who play “Fall Ball” but in different age leagues, band, life groups, dance troupes, school and a two-year-old, your color-coded calendar is bound to look like this –
And just to make the week a little busier, the in-laws show up, park their house in front of your house, and then Toby and Gary take off at zero dark thirty on Wednesday for a four-day men’s retreat in upper Michigan.
Yes, friends – for the first time that I can recall, I’m the one ‘home alone’ and Gary is the one off having an adventure! It’s a new experience, to be sure. Thankfully it’s a quick walk across the lawn to hang out with some pretty great grandkids and a super sweet (and very organized) DIL! No guarantee I’ll get pictures of all those kiddos, but the one I’m spending the most time with is doing a great job of melting my heart!
I’m pretty sure we’re both where we’re supposed to be. 😊

The kids are all home from school – I better get in there before they start dispersing again!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Enjoy your time with family!!! Where is Gary’s retreat? I’m sure it will be good times for both of you!!!!

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