Mondays are for Memories – Pining Away

I cannot say that there have always been pine trees growing next to the cabin.
cabin old_BW
I don’t know when they were planted, but as long as I can remember pine trees have been growing there.
Winter Cabin girls
(That’s me in the Santa hat – so late 50’s?)
They’ve been lush and green and hugging the cabin for many years!
We lost one during the winter of 2013 – which took out our electricity (and most of the electricity on the mountain apparently)
but the remaining two kept their careful watch for many more years.
But recently, we all noticed that they were showing their age.
Kobe Game

Last year, at our annual meeting, given the risk of damage to the cabin if either of them fell over winter, the decision was made to have them taken down.


UntitledWhen we said farewell to the cabin in September we knew we were also saying goodbye to those pine trees. Sniff.

This past week, the deed was done.
We needed to take care of those trees before they caused any damage to the cabin – but man, it looks so lonesome!  If I weren’t so far away here in Texas, I’d be up there giving it a hug!


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