Dark and Dreary, but still a bright spot

For once, the weatherman was right. It rained all day, just as he promised. But still, we needed to make that short drive to our next project. So we donned our raincoats and got on our way! The biggest challenge was the first two miles of dirt/gravel road
but once we got to the paved road, we were good to go. (And I stopped taking pictures since I was driving the truck, right?).
We arrived, parked, plugged in, greeted our fellow SOWERs, and hibernated in the rig for the rest of the day.
It definitely was a three-nap day. But there was a great bright spot! This little bundle of energy
turned 18 today!
How can that be? She’s smart and funny and kind and still full of energy (see that first picture!). And pretty darn beautiful to boot!
We got the whole family in the picture for her birthday call to help with the birthday song – and it was so fun to see everyone!
It certainly added a beautiful bright spot to an otherwise dark and dreary day!

Happy Birthday, Hayley! We love you so!!

2 thoughts on “Dark and Dreary, but still a bright spot”

  1. It looks like Oakridge has a different place for RVs to park now. Not up behind on the hill anymore? Gail

  2. Yes! The RV sites are now down by the new water slides. Much easier to navigate – though a little farther away from the center of activity!

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