February in Review

Well, we made it!! It was a pretty good month, right? We celebrated three family birthdays, watched chicks hatching to new life, and learned a thing or two about what kind of volunteer work we do here at ALERT Academy. We were honored as the longest-married couple in the room at a lovely banquet(and we give God all the glory for that!). We wore our winter coats and walked with our hands in our pockets. Then we pulled out our sandals and turned on the A/C. The umbrella came out a little too often for our liking, but I know the earth was thankful for the nourishment. We had snuggles with the Waco grandboys and had long talks about hopes and dreams with our grown son and his lovely wife.
In Texas, the end of February means the beginning of Spring. The tulip tree (aka saucer magnolia) has bloomed, the redbud is busting out and the lawns are dotted with tiny spring flowers. Yes, it’s spring in East Texas – and it’s feeling pretty good!

But life is about to move into warp speed around here. By the weekend our SOWER family of 4 will have grown to 26! Quiet afternoons in the sewing room will be swapped out for painting and preparations for the big SOWER rally (200+ people!) that is scheduled at the end of the month here at ALERT. (Did I mention that Gary & I are the co-chairs of that committee??). I’ll do my best to stay on top of this little corner of the internet, but I hope you’ll understand if it’s a little quieter here than it’s been for the last 28 days!

Thanks for coming along for the February Flurry of Words!

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