May Day

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May Day
the first day of May, long celebrated with various festivities, as the crowning of the May queen, dancing around the Maypole, and, in recent years, often marked by labor parades and political demonstrations.

Although our May Day was actually a long rainy road trip, it still was a celebration of sorts! During April, we facilitated a 250-person SOWER Rally, drove Lizzie (the RV) from East Texas to western Missouri, flew to Salt Lake City (that was just me – Gary stayed in MO) for a very special weekend with some of my nieces and my sister, worked at that Missouri ministry, drove Lizzie to Columbus, OH where we saw all of our Ohio kiddos and grands, and enjoyed a fabulous high school production of Mary Poppins. Then today we drove all day (okay, there were a couple of nap attacks along the way) to arrive here at Montrose Bible Conference, where dear Lizzie will rest for the next several weeks while we celebrate having made it through April at the Cabin.

Tomorrow we regroup, reorganize, and repack the truck.

The Cabin is calling……
Cabin May 2011-3

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  1. Enjoy your time at the cabin, you so deserve this! Thanks for sharing your journey with everyone.

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