Made it to Montrose

It was a lovely day for a drive

and we got an early start on this first leg of our Ohio trip.

We arrived safely at the rig parked in Montrose (PA) and settled in for the night. It was good to check on things since we have been gone for almost three weeks and you never know what can happen to a lonely motor home parked (essentially) in a field. Everything seemed fine- no sign of a mouse invasion, the electricity had stayed on so there was no spoiled food in the refrigerator, and the plants on the dashboard had lived through those weeks of neglect.
As I was chilling in the recliner though, I saw a bird land on one of our mirrors. He seemed pretty comfortable, and when I looked more closely I could see that he (or she) had spent quite a bit of time on that mirror (and the other one, too. Ewww)

Looks like we’ll have a bit of clean-up to do when we get back. And make sure there isn’t a nest somewhere where there shouldn’t be one.
I also watched a plump groundhog lumber under the rig. Hmmmm…
Wonder what he was getting into? Hopefully he was just taking a shortcut home!

Maybe we’ll have some time to do some investigating into the abundance of nearby critters on our return trip,  but for now it’s off to bed – there are 500 miles of road waiting for us to cover tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams, my friends!


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