The Rest of the Gang

Although this weekend was primarily all about celebrating Hayley’s HS graduation, there were of course other folks milling around the house in Marysville! All three of the older girls (including Hayley) were busy working jobs or finishing up other school activities. The boys were, well – 9 and 12-year-old boys. More interested in those video games or playing outside with friends than hanging out with ol’ Grams and Pops (who don’t understand what all those buttons on the controllers do).  We get that – we really do! We did get to one of Reis’s games
which was fun (and he had a couple of good plays and hits), but otherwise we were content to have them join us for an occasional card game.
But this little girl
was unencumbered with end-of-school activities or jobs or even electronics. We painted rocks
and jumped on the trampoline (ok, that was not a “we” – just a “she”!)

(I’d like to clarify here that our little Everly chose her outfit this day. I think she was going with an all floral theme, accented with (of course) mismatched socks. Mom was quite surprised at her wardrobe choices, but hey – you’re only (almost) three once!)
but most of all she was always ready to give me a snuggle!

Our time there was short, and this is a very busy family! But we were able to enjoy some great family dinners and some late-night card games and good conversations! Sunday after church and a special lunch with The Graduate (before she was off to another party), we were able to squeeze in a quick visit with our other Columbus family – Lara, Herbert, and Alex. Though short, it was still a sweet visit! Before everyone went off to work and one of the last days of school (and we set off for points East and North), we managed to get one picture of Alex – who has just completed 2nd grade!
These years are going!

We’re looking forward to a slightly longer visit in mid-July, so it won’t be that long before we see these guys again. And maybe on that visit I can figure out those buttons on the video game controllers!
Or maybe not!

Family – busy or not – we sure do love ’em!

2 thoughts on “The Rest of the Gang”

  1. Sounds like a great time with your family. So glad you could do this and enjoy it! Safe travels back to the cabin, oops I think I saw that you’re back at the cabin. Great job on the treehouse Gary

  2. Your posts warm my heart! Thank you, Phyl and I feel like we are part of the family too!

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