Remember the weekend…

I know most of us are already looking forward to this coming weekend, but just so I don’t forget – last weekend we took a little drive over to Lake Ontario.
Ok. So really we were just heading to do some grocery shopping, but since that big beautiful lake was just another couple of miles west – why not?!
We decided to check out Sandy Island Beach State ParkUntitled
We walked along the shore
and I stuck my toes in the lake. (Not too cold, by the way.)
It was a lovely day, and by the time we had our little ‘lake fix’ the beach area was filling up. We willingly gave up our parking spot and went on our way to run those errands.
We’re pretty sorry tourists these days, so I felt pretty accomplished that we at least made it to Lake Ontario. Now to see if we can’t get to see the Salmon River Falls this coming weekend!
I’ll keep you posted!



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