A Different Plan

We were disappointed when we got the call in June that we had been canceled out of our August SOWER project at Shoshanah Ministry in upstate NY. Apparently the ministry realized they did not have enough work for five SOWER couples, so the last two that signed up were canceled. We fell into that category. This was the second time we had tried to serve there, the first being the summer of 2020. (And we all know  New York wasn’t letting anyone into the state that summer!) We had been looking forward to serving there, getting to know several SOWERs we hadn’t yet met, enjoying many of the classes the institute offers, and exploring a new area. But (once again) it wasn’t to be.
We regrouped quickly, though, and signed up for High Braes Refuge – also a new-to-us project in a new-to-us area of NY. But we were going to be the only SOWERs there.
Turns out it was a practically perfect combination!

This is a relatively small ministry, with essentially one main building.
And we were a small group. Just the two of us! They had one big project they were hoping we could accomplish – renovating a bathroom and repainting the guest room where it was located.
As sometimes happen, when Gary didn’t need me, there wasn’t a lot of other SOWER work for me to do. Sometimes that can be frustrating. I mean, after all, we came to help. But this month having a ‘modified’ work schedule seemed just about perfect. Some mornings I would go to work with Gary to see if I could help with anything, and some mornings I would just hang back at home and he would call me if I was needed. Once they got to the paint stage, my work hours ramped up.
But still – it’s a small empty room so it went pretty quickly.
Once the painting was done, then came the floors
and then the trim
and I think by the end of today, even the toilet was installed. But again – no photographic evidence of that! There’s always tomorrow, right? Lots of cleaning up was done today – along with gathering and organizing all the tools.  Due to some groups coming in over the next couple of days, we won’t be able to get the guest room painted, but overall I know our hosts were pleased with the work that got done.

But while the guys (Gary and Jeff (the host)) were busy in the manor house, I was taking full advantage of my mornings at home.
I got the SOWER newsletter put together TWO DAYS EARLY. I don’t think that has ever happened!
I got caught up with lots of computer/bookkeeping and housekeeping/clothes sorting chores and even put together a couple of bags of clothes to go to the local thrift store. That felt pretty good!
But my biggest joy was being about to pull out the sewing machine and work on a quilt for one of my granddaughters! She and I had shopped for the fabric when we were together in July, and those beautiful fabrics had been calling to me ever since!
The top is complete, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out! It still needs to be quilted, but I’m excited that I was able to get it this far!

So our August was different than what we had originally planned. But of course, our LORD knew just what we needed!

The heart of man plans his was, but the LORD establishes his steps.
Proverbs 16:9


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  1. I was the one who called Gary to let him know ya’ll had to be cancelled ……. look how God blessed …… trust His ways! Gail

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