Keeping the connection going

About this time last year we made our first connections with Gary’s birth family. (You can read some of the back story HERE and HERE!) One of the reasons we came to serve at CIT in North Carolina was to be able to connect with Gary’s sister who lives at an assisted living facility near Asheville. And today was the day we took a drive through the beautiful mountains showing off fall splendor to keep that appointment.
But regardless of the beauty of the drive, the main event was seeing Dianne and meeting her daughter, Kathy.
It was a sweet visit, sharing some of stories of years gone past, and finding connections along the way. But it was a little bittersweet too, knowing that there may not be many of these visits left for us. So we are thankful for each and every one of them!
Thanks for joining us on this journey!



PS – We have plans to meet up with Gary’s brother Lou next weekend after we move to our next project.

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