Today was the day!

Well, today we did it! We wrote some checks, signed our names, and became the official owners of a sweet little (but WAY bigger than our home for the last 20 years!) home in the Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community! Whoohooo!

We’ve had a great first week – where we considered ourselves ‘squatters’ on the property(though technically, we were guests of the folks we bought the place from!). We purchased the house furnished, which was a huge blessing for us, considering that we have no furniture to speak of. (Literally, the furniture that we can remove from Lizzie consists of one 10-year-old recliner and two office chairs.)  In this case, and to our delight, that also meant towels, sheets, kitchenware (all kinds of kitchenware!), and many other incidentals. So each day I’ve been emptying cupboards to see what I have – and then figure out what I’ll actually need to keep!
I confess to doing a little Google Lens searching to even figure out what some things were –
It’s a cheese grater.
It’s a pill splitter.
But some things were easy to identify –
and brought great delight!
Cupboards full of glassware –
remind me that I don’t have to worry about how they will travel down I10 through Louisiana! (Just for the record, I have lived the last 20 years with one glass glass.)
So each cupboard has been an adventure! And a very fun one at that!
Now if we would just figure out what all of these remotes control…

Thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments as we figure out this new phase/next step of our journey! Even though we’ll only be here for a couple more weeks before we head back East for the summer and several more SOWER projects, I think I’m going to like the new neighborhood!

As always, thanks for coming along on this journey with me!


10 thoughts on “Today was the day!”

  1. Congratulations on your new home. I’m sure you are excited about this, even though you will still be working at the sowers projects but to have a home destination will be great.. thx for sharing this news with all of us!??

  2. Congratulations and Blessings!! A little stability is a good thing ???
    ENJOY!!!! Judy and Rich Polley

  3. Congratulations….looks like fun! Oh to be officially old! Hope to see you this summer.

  4. Thanks! Don’t know if we’ll get to D-town this summer – but feel free to swing by Texas if you get a chance (better call first!). Miss you, dear friend!

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