Phew and Ahhhhh

Playing the Catch-Up Game when it’s been over two weeks since my last post is a little tricky, so I thought I’d just fill in this little ‘schedule’ that I put together with some pictures to go with each slot. Here goes –

Sometimes this nomadic life gets a little complicated!
4/22 – leave Lindale, TX
4/22 (late) – Arrive in Franklin, TN, and spend time with our friends the Stoners
4/24 (early) – Leave Franklin

4/24 (late) – arrive at Lizzie, who has been waiting patiently outside of Charlotte (SC) for our return from Texas.
4/28 – Say goodbye to our friends in SC, and head to Chambersburg, PA with Lizzie and the truck.





4/29 – Arrive in Chambersburg, PA
4/30 – Appointments and Fitzpatrick family time (no pictures of the Doctor stuff – but all check-ups and routine tests were A-OK! Thank you, Lord!)
5/1 – More Fitz Family time















Squeeze in a quick visit with my college roommate & hubby!





5/2 – Leave Lizzie on the street and drive to Columbus to meet little Tucker, and love on the rest of our Ohio Family

A rainy day baseball game, prom pictures, baby snuggles – and not a whole lot of pictures! Though short, it was still a very sweet visit!  Looking forward to seeing them all again in July at the family reunion at the Cabin!



5/5 – Return to Chambersburg (where another family joined in the fun)





5/6 – (early)Hook up the truck to Lizzie and head north to Canton, NY





5/6 – (late) Arrive in Canton, park Lizzie, plug her in, and then meet up with friends for dinner! (How crazy that we know TWO couples through SOWERs that live in Canton, NY!).










5/7 – Bid Lizzie farewell (for a bit), and head in the truck to the Cabin


We’ve been here for a full week now – and it’s been all good! I’ve been sleeping in, and then awakening to a crackling fire (May mornings are chilly in Vermont!), hot coffee, and a sweet time of devotions. Gary, of course, has other ideas of vacation!
Can you spot him on the mower?
Getting that floating dock ready for the Family Reunion this summer!

So in the last three plus weeks, we have seen all of our kids and grands, my sister and almost half of her family, did our annual doctoring stuff, got the tires rotated and our eyes examined,  ordered new glasses for both of us, and logged over 3000 miles (Lizzie and Truck together).  It’s no wonder we’re feeling ready to enjoy some Ahhh…Cabin time!
And as you can tell, it’s been much easier not to blog than it has been to blog – so we’ll just have to see how the rest of our time here goes.
Thanks for stopping by, and extending grace for my current intermittent blogging habits!

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  1. Love the pictures. Love that you got to see family. Glad for good doctor checkup. Glad you made it safely to the cabin. Now. Get some rest.

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