Apparently I took May off

From blogging, that is! I was so content in my Cabin bubble, that it was hard to break out the computer and generate thoughts. And as May progressed, it just seemed more and more unlikely that I would be able to encapsulate thoughts into words and words into sentences. But here it is – JUNE! Time for a fresh start!
We are safely parked at our June SOWER Project – Shoshanah Campus and are looking forward to starting work on Monday. Shoshanah is a ministry that teaches the Scripture from a Jewish perspective. Their conference season doesn’t start until after our project ends, but we’re excited to be able to help get things ready for this dynamic ministry.
But there is a small glitch. I have zero cell phone service (which means I also have zero internet), and the closest wifi access point is down at the dining room. (Full disclosure – as I write this, I have not actually located said access point. But I am confident that by the end of the day I’ll be able to get this post on line.) Even with this inconvenience (what a first world problem, right?) I’m going to make a strong attempt to get back on track with this blogging thing! I must have lots of material, right? After all, something must’ve been happening in May!
Thanks for stopping by – especially after so long of a pause!

One thought on “Apparently I took May off”

  1. A digital detox at the cabin sounds just right to me… :=) Happy SOWERing at Shoshanah! Looking forward to seeing you in July!

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