Gary at the Cabin

Let’s talk about Gary at the Cabin. Every morning, he’s up before me (full disclosure – he’s up before me every morning even when we’re not at the cabin, but still…), has brewed a fresh pot of coffee, and has a crackling fire waiting for me.
Trust me, you want that early morning fire in May at the Cabin!
He stays quietly reading not to disturb my quiet time, although if I sleep especially late (unlikely, but not impossible!), I may also awaken to the sound of the lawn mower or a power tool!
As usual, he had his List of things he wanted to accomplish – Kayak rack,
redesigning and launching the floating dock,
tree and debris clearing
to name just a few.
And just when he thought maybe he was done, I asked him to paint the conduit to the light because it ‘bothered me in the pictures”!
But please rest assured – this is the epitome of “love language” to my sweet Gary! There is nothing he does at the Cabin that isn’t done from his heart.

I don’t have any photos of him in his favorite spot on the back porch, but I did manage to catch a rare photo of him sitting inside by the fire (playing a game of Sudoku, no doubt).

Yes, Gary at the Cabin is a sight to behold! We head back at the end of June to do final preparations for our big Family Reunion – so I’m pretty sure I’ll have more photos of Gary doing what he loves most – working at the Cabin!
Thanks for stopping by – and next time I’ll share what I was doing while he was ever so busy!

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