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Pictures and stories of our dear family and friends

Birthday’s on the road

Today was my birthday – you know, fifty something! It was a travel day for us –and a delightful one at that! We traveled from Kentucky into Tennessee and saw the beginnings of the Great Smoky Mountains. They are truly spectacular. We stopped for special lunch at Litton’s Market in Knoxville, TN. We found it in our “Road Food” book and since it was on the way decided to stop. Aside from the stress of driving Lizzie into city streets (more my stress than Gary’s!), it was a very good decision. The food was wonderful – all fresh and homemade. We took one of their “best in Knoxville” desserts home to enjoy with dinner. I enjoyed calls from the kids and my sisters, and email Birthday wishes from friends. Added to that a beautiful drive over the Norris Dam …….

and a stop at the Museum of Appalachia, and it was a very fine birthday!

Nashville Photos

Nashville was a very pretty city – with lots of interesting things to do and see. While we didn’t do alot of the traditional music things, we did check out some very pretty places….
This is a GIANT floating granite globe in the WWII memorial in the Bicentennial Mall. Very Cool.

View of the Capital Building from the end of the mall.

Amazing iron work in the Library of the Capital Building

The famous “Bat Building” – actually Bell South. Quite an interesting addition to the skyline!

Lookout Mountain and Family Friends

We’re getting ready to pack up and head to Nashville, TN (and since it’s pouring rain, we’re not pulling out just yet)– but I wanted to share about our time here in Chattanooga, TN and Lookout Mountain. Chattanooga is rich in Civil War history, being the site of a decisive “Battle above the Clouds” that opened the way for the Union army’s march to Atlanta. We visited Point Park on Lookout Mountain (part of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Historic Park) where we could view the entire scene. Lookout Mountain is very beautiful – a great scenic drive and spectacular views. Lookout Mountain is also the home to Covenant College, where many of our friends had attended college. Gary had been there in the early 70’s, so you know there were many many changes. It is a beautiful campus right on top of the mountain. But the most special thing we did while we were in Chattanooga was look up the children of our friends Jeff and Esther Talley. I was pretty sure that they had said (before they returned to the mission field this summer) that all four of their children were in the Chattanooga area. I did my detective work, and tracked them down. In God’s good providence, they were all in town and had been planning a family dinner that very night! They invited us to join their evening which we gladly did. It had been many years since we had seen them, and it was so very good to reconnect. We were very blessed by the evening! Here is a picture of these dear children of dear friends –

Janet, Laura, Melinda (wife of Matthew), Matthew.
Kyle is missing from the photo ‘cause he left before I pulled the camera out!

The rain has stopped – must be time to finsh up the outside chores and get on our way!
See ya’all later!

Friends at Faith

Ok, so these are more “staying in one place” pictures than Travel Pictures, but I wanted to share with you some of the great folks we’ve been working with these last three weeks.
Here we are with the Dick and Sharon Brittell (our SOWER co-workers) after we did Chapel for the school. We talked about how we are all different parts (tools) of the Body of Christ. We had a great time doing it!

And here we are at the TerriLynn Pecan shelling factory – hair and beard nets and all!

And then there are our friends at Faith Christian School –
Here are the little guys ….

Here’s the middle size gang-

And then there’s the big guys….

Here are all the teachers in their “new” resource room – it was a project that Sharon and I worked on. Considering that you could barely walk in the room, we think it’s a great improvement (cracks on walls notwithstanding!)

Albany Memories

The Riverquarium was very interesting – here are the guys pondering……well, they look like they’re pondering something!

Yep, it’s a big one!

Here are some classic zoo pictures – needless to say, there were plenty of alligators at the zoo – but they all looked pretty bored!

And this bear was being pretty friendly, but we did notice it was having a bad hair day!

On to the festivals –
While we were at the Chili Festival in Warwick, Warwick is more famous for the Grits festival. We didn’t get pictures, but in attendance at the festival was Miss Grits, Little Miss Grits, and Miss Teeny Grits. There was lots of chili to sample (we did) , an electric bull to try your hand at (we didn’t), lots of local food to buy (we did) and moon bounces to try (we didn’t). It was a fun festival – and these were the odd pictures we took while there –

We think it’s called Tin Shed because it is made of tin – not because it sells tin!