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Chambersburg Time

We usually hang out in  Chambersburg, PA for a day or so at least once a year. You see, our dear nephew is also our doctor and we do our best to get in for a check-up annually. (We see others in his practice, but we still consider Mike to be our personal physician!). And annual check-ups aside, spending time with these guys is always fun! Of course, they are a busy family  – with school and homework and sports – but there was still plenty of time for games and conversations and giggles. Oh, and there was some pretty delicious food involved in these two days too!
We were even able join in some family devotions. That was a very sweet evening.
This year we had the added bonus of a visit from my sister, Joie,
and then I was able to visit with my college roommate, who had recently moved just a half hour from Chambersburg!
I love that we are still connected – and even if we don’t see each other very often, our friendship has stood the test of time! What a blessing!
So family and friends and more family – this was a very fine visit!
And yes – I did get in that check-up. In fact, Gary drove the rig to the office and we left to head to North Carolina right from the parking lot.

Tonight we are settled in at our October spot, but we leave on a road trip in the truck tomorrow. You can check out the details (if you’d like) over at the “Where are we now” page. If it gets quiet here for the next couple of weeks, I’m sure you’ll understand. At least part of that time will involve some very special grandboys!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Some things ARE hard

Today marks the completion of nineteen years of life in our motor home. Nineteen years of seeing this beautiful country (and a bit of Canada too). Nineteen years of meeting the most amazing people and seeing God at work in ministries big and small. We’ve slept in every state except North Dakota and Hawaii (still waiting for that bridge) and visited most of our national parks. It’s been a grand and glorious adventure – totally unexpected in so many ways, yet never once have we doubted that we are right where God wants us to be. But still, some things ARE hard. Recently I had some first-hand experience with one of those ‘hard’ things.
Earlier this summer I noticed an unusual spot on my upper chest. It started small but over the course of a couple of weeks it continued to grow and it could no longer be ignored. I sent a photo to our primary care doctor who strongly suggested that I find a doctor and have it removed and tested. Ah – those ominous words “find a doctor”.
One of those Hard Things.
Step one – Call a local doctor, explain my situation, and ask for an appointment. “Well, we have to send you some paperwork since you’ll be a new patient. Once we get the paperwork back, we should be able to get an appointment for you in four-six weeks.” Nope. That wasn’t going to work since we’d be out of the area by then. She suggested I contact an urgent care center.
Step two – Locate the closest urgent care center and make an online appointment. They confirmed via text and asked why I was coming in. I explained that I had a cyst that my PCP wanted to have removed and tested. “Oh, we don’t do that,” was the quick reply. They kindly suggested that I go to an emergency room.
Now I have to say, this did not seem in any way shape or form to be an emergency room event to me. But early the next morning Gary and I headed off to the ER at a small hospital about 30 minutes away.
Step three – The ER. We were seen quickly and a young ER doctor examined my cyst. “Hmmmm…Let me talk to my surgeon friend.” She came back a few minutes later. “Can I take a picture of it?” Sure! Click, and off she goes. At her next appearance, she had an appointment card in her hand. “I’ve made you an appointment with a surgeon next week. He should be able to take care of this for you.”
Step four – Go to the surgeon the next week, fill out new patient info (again), and hope that maybe today will be the day the problem will be resolved. After a careful exam of the cyst, he feels he can better take care of the removal in his surgical center. Next week. Two days before we’re scheduled to leave the area.
Step five – Return to the hospital, get checked into the outpatient surgical unit, and wait patiently for the surgeon to arrive. He arrives, we chat, he numbs up the area, does the deed, and sends me home with instructions not to go swimming for 10 days.
Step six – Call the surgeon a week later (and 200 miles away)to see how the testing came out. As expected, it was a small squamous cell carcinoma, but all of the margins were clear and there is nothing further to be done. Except stay out of the sun, and have my regular doctor check it over in six weeks. That should be easier to accomplish since we try to swing by that way at least once a year.
So all is good. It was a Hard Thing – but not an Impossible Thing. The timing was close – but we received good care (even if it took a couple of extra steps!). No pictures this time. (You’re welcome.) I may not be wearing any V-neck tops for a while, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be back in the wardrobe rotation soon!

But hey – NINETEEN years!! How crazy is that!

August 1, 2004

Behind again

Ah – I’m beginning to sound like a broken record! Days whiz by and suddenly I’m trying to catch up with all of the comings and goings since my last post.  Which was over a week ago!  We finished up our July project, spent time with friends and family during our ‘off’ week, and are now parked at High Braes Refuge for our August SOWER project.
We’re working by ourselves, and it feels like it will be a productive month with very few distractions. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll get caught up here with some of the fun things we did during the last week, and even include a little wrap-up of our July project.

One final thought before I start looking for a hymn for tomorrow’s Sabbath Rest – although the first part of our trip today did include the traffic model in the header picture, there was also a fair bit of highway driving. Which also included a bit of this –
There was rain most of the day, but once again we are thankful for safe travels and a lovely resting spot for the next three weeks! Praise be to God for his mercies to us today (and everyday!).

Made it to Montrose

It was a lovely day for a drive

and we got an early start on this first leg of our Ohio trip.

We arrived safely at the rig parked in Montrose (PA) and settled in for the night. It was good to check on things since we have been gone for almost three weeks and you never know what can happen to a lonely motor home parked (essentially) in a field. Everything seemed fine- no sign of a mouse invasion, the electricity had stayed on so there was no spoiled food in the refrigerator, and the plants on the dashboard had lived through those weeks of neglect.
As I was chilling in the recliner though, I saw a bird land on one of our mirrors. He seemed pretty comfortable, and when I looked more closely I could see that he (or she) had spent quite a bit of time on that mirror (and the other one, too. Ewww)

Looks like we’ll have a bit of clean-up to do when we get back. And make sure there isn’t a nest somewhere where there shouldn’t be one.
I also watched a plump groundhog lumber under the rig. Hmmmm…
Wonder what he was getting into? Hopefully he was just taking a shortcut home!

Maybe we’ll have some time to do some investigating into the abundance of nearby critters on our return trip,  but for now it’s off to bed – there are 500 miles of road waiting for us to cover tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams, my friends!


May Day

Per –
May Day
the first day of May, long celebrated with various festivities, as the crowning of the May queen, dancing around the Maypole, and, in recent years, often marked by labor parades and political demonstrations.

Although our May Day was actually a long rainy road trip, it still was a celebration of sorts! During April, we facilitated a 250-person SOWER Rally, drove Lizzie (the RV) from East Texas to western Missouri, flew to Salt Lake City (that was just me – Gary stayed in MO) for a very special weekend with some of my nieces and my sister, worked at that Missouri ministry, drove Lizzie to Columbus, OH where we saw all of our Ohio kiddos and grands, and enjoyed a fabulous high school production of Mary Poppins. Then today we drove all day (okay, there were a couple of nap attacks along the way) to arrive here at Montrose Bible Conference, where dear Lizzie will rest for the next several weeks while we celebrate having made it through April at the Cabin.

Tomorrow we regroup, reorganize, and repack the truck.

The Cabin is calling……
Cabin May 2011-3