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Isaac Creek Campground – Alabama River Lake

Quick Update –

  • We’ve made it safely to our campground for a little R&R between projects.
  • We’ve never been here before – but so far we’re lovin’ it.
  • We have one teeny tiny bar of phone service/internet (that comes and goes) – so this will be short and sweet.
  • I’ll do my best to keep up with my PAD’s, but this internet (or lack there of) might be slowing me down!
  • Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone!

Ah, Sweet November!

There is so much to love about November! It’s sometimes lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas, but for me November has always been filled with thankfulness! In response to my incredibly sketchy blogging practices in the last couple of months (or is it months and months and months), I’m going to try to make this November a PAD month. Yep, that’s a Post A Day.  Between birthdays (six!), being in a new area, serving at a new spot, and the roughly 742 photos I’ve taken in the last 60 days – I’m pretty sure I’ll find something to write about each day. But mostly each post will be focused on Thankfulness!  To start the month off, I want to say how thankful I am for YOU! Whether you’ve been following our journey since we left home back in 2004 , jumped on board as the years have gone by, or even landed here due to a random Google search – I am thankful for each and every one of you!

If you have any questions about our life on the road just leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer them during this little marathon!!

Happy November, everyone!

South Dakota in October

Tomorrow morning we head to Galveston with our grandson Weston for his Great Galveston Adventure! Guess I better get this South Dakota goodness written down before I once again sink into Blogging Never-Never Land!) So –
Here, in no particular order, are 10 South Dakota October Things we love!
1. Harvest Time. Oh, my! The combines!!
We learned a lot about how the combines work, how both corn and soybeans are harvested, and how hard the farmers work out here (and everywhere! Farming is HARD, folks!). Not only did we get to watch combines in fields as we traveled around, we even got to watch them in the backyard field! (They were working at 9 o’clock at night and I didn’t get any pictures of those headlights. But here they are getting ready for the dew to dry so they could start again!)

2.Long Walks. Long Straight Walks. Long straight soul enriching walks.
‘nuf said

3. The Community Dinner. Howard is a small town – well under 1000 folks at the last count. And like most small communities, they take good care of their neighbors. The first Wednesday of each month there is a Community Dinner at the local Methodist Church, hosted by a variety of local organizations. October’s ‘organization’ was a neighborhood group that Don and Jenny are a part of. SO – we got to join them in preparing Chili with all the fixings for about 50 folks who came out to enjoy the evening.
What fun to get to know their neighbors and to see a bit of ‘love your neighbors’ in action!

4. The Corn Palace down the road a piece in Mitchell-
The palace itself was closed when we were there, but we still got to enjoy the amazing murals all made from (wait for it….)CORN!
It was especially fun to see one that was still in progress –
Can we call that “Corn by Number?”

5. Games – We can’t get together with SOWER friends without some game playing!
Don & Jenny introduced us to “Fast Track” – which is like, but not the same as, Pegs and Jokers, which is like, but not the same as SORRY. Confused yet? Think how we feel! Glad our aging brains could be taught some new tricks, though!

6. Bawling calves. While this might not fit into the “Things we love about SD” category, it does fall into the “South Dakota in the Fall” column. About this time every year the area ranchers divide out the calves from their mommas. The mommas are moved to their winter pastures, while the young’uns learn to live life without mom nearby. Needless to say, when that happens to about 250 pairs of cattle on the next farm over, there is a bit of an ongoing ruckus as the ‘babies’ are moaning about being deserted. Rumor has it that the mommas are over in their new pasture feeling like (some) moms feel when school starts in the fall!
(Full disclosure – these are not the bawling calves. But they are representative of the cattle in the neighborhood!)

7. Dignity. We took a little road trip to see this well-known statue located in a rest stop in Chamberlain, SD. So stunning!

8. Also in Chamberlain is the St. Joseph’s Indian School and the Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center.
Very interesting and well worth the stop.

9. Sunsets
Does my heart good every single time!

10. Dear Friends! How kind our God is to enrich our lives with beautiful friends around the country!!
For us, the best part of South Dakota are these good friends, who share devotions with us, laugh with us, support us in prayer, and love on us regardless of where we are in the country! So glad we could spend this week with them!

If you’d like to see some additional photos of our time in South Dakota, here is a little slide show or you can check out the album HERE!

Thanks for coming along for my Ten Things! These just really scratch the surface of South Dakota in the Fall – you should check it out sometime!

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you after our Great Galveston Adventure!

Texas Interval

Although we won’t be doing an official SOWER project next month, it’s not really going to be one of those sit-back-and-relax months. It’ll be full of airplane rides, meetings, quilts, grandboys, and chickens. (Check out the “So Where are We Now” page for more details on that!)

But before we get started on that, here’s a little slide show of our trip from New Life Ranch, Frontier Cove (NW of Tulsa) to the SOWER Office (90 miles east of Dallas)) via Yukon, OK (just a bit west of Oklahoma City). The Yukon “via” enabled us to connect with friends from our ‘previous lifetime’ whom we hadn’t seen since we waved good-bye from the church parking lot in August ’04! So sweet to catch up with them!

It’s OK

Some of you dear friends have expressed concern about one of our dashboard plants.
That jade plant does look pretty pitiful, doesn’t it? But fear not – it’s OK!
If you’ve been stopping by here for a bit you know that our jade plant has been riding on our dashboard from the very beginning of our adventure.

And in fact, that little sprig was a cutting from a plant I had purchased the first summer we were married, late last century! As we’ve traveled these last 17 years it’s been transplanted and trimmed and pieces of it have been left all around the country.
Dashboard Plant
In 2016 it was looking pretty robust! =)
Dashboard items
It made it through the early part of the pandemic pretty well –
But earlier this summer, it began to look a little leggy and it seemed to need a bit extra attention.
Now a horticulturist I am not, but with a little bit of help from Google, I whacked away at it while it vacationed with us at The Cabin and repotted all of the little sprigs in some lovely yard sale pots. Here they are on the windowsill of the Cabin porch.
Jade snips
After the reunion the cuttings (in their new fancy pots) went home with their new families to North Carolina, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. Of course, I brought the ‘mother plant’ back with us (with its own little repotted sprig), and I’m happy to report that although it does look a little rough at the moment, I’m very excited to see some lovely new growth!
Jade sprouts
There’s even a little bit poking up from one of those sad stubs!
So thank you for your concern about this staple of our RV adventure, but rest assured I am giving it my best plant care* and am confident it will once again reign supreme on the dashboard in the days to come!




*Best Plant Care = loving neglect