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Photos of our travels and stops along the way

So where are we?

Since I just updated my “Where are We Now?” page, I figured that would count as my PAD contribution. Don’t you agree? So you don’t have to actually navigate over to that page – here you go!
November 26-Dec 20
Our December SOWER project is at Dothan Community Church in (you guessed it) Dothan, Alabama!

While we’ve never worked at this project before, we are familiar with this area since it was our closest ‘civilization’ (think phone signal) during our many months at Teen Challenge in Bonifay (FL) back in 2006-2008. This church is in the middle of a large building project – new worship wing and all kinds of other rooms!
The guys (there are two other couples serving with us this month)will be finding plenty of work to do I’m sure.
But rumor has it we ladies might be decorating the existing church for Christmas! Now that sounds like a lovely way to start our time here!

Oh – In the picture at the top of this post is a rare sighting of Gary actually sitting down in the sunshine! I felt documentation was in order!

Another Walk-about

And this time it is literally a walk around the campground! It was a beautiful afternoon, and I could resist! However, if I tried getting each individual photo here, I’d be here well past midnight so (given the internet irregularities!) – here’s a little slide show (in approximate order!)

My favorite is the one in the header of this post. And in this one, if you look real hard you can see our red truck peeking out on the left.

Yep, so far this little R&R is working out just fine!

Isaac Creek Campground – Alabama River Lake

Quick Update –

  • We’ve made it safely to our campground for a little R&R between projects.
  • We’ve never been here before – but so far we’re lovin’ it.
  • We have one teeny tiny bar of phone service/internet (that comes and goes) – so this will be short and sweet.
  • I’ll do my best to keep up with my PAD’s, but this internet (or lack there of) might be slowing me down!
  • Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone!

One last walk about

Today was a lovely, lazy-ish day! Gary worked on getting things tucked away outside while I worked on getting things tucked away inside. Since we don’t leave until Monday morning,  there wasn’t a big rush for all that ‘tucking away.’ So when I realized what a lovely day it was,  I convinced Gary we should take one last walk-about. I remembered that I hadn’t yet taken a walk down to their lake, so it seemed like it was now or never!

It was so quiet and peaceful –
and Oh-So-Lovely!
It was fun to imagine the  waterfront full of kids enjoying the slide and the zipline and who knows what else water fun!

There were other trails that called for exploration, but we needed to head back to those tucking away chores! (OK, and maybe a Saturday nap!)
Still, it was grand to have that last little walk about in the beautiful Alabama sunshine!

Cement Time

As our project here at Whispering Pines was wrapping up (it officially ended yesterday)  there was still that walk-in cooler which needed to be moved into place, hooked up, and a hole cut into the wall for access from the kitchen.
But the bad news was that the concrete wasn’t going to arrive until yesterday, so it didn’t look like things were going to work out as hoped. But at least we were around to help with the concrete! Since there was probably going to be some extra concrete after the walk-n base was poured, the guys also prepped a nearby sidewalk that was also in dire need of some patchin’!
The truck arrived right on time just before noon on Thursday
and with a little help from Gary holding up the phone wire with a rake (just can’t keep that guy off the ladder!),
the driver was able to get the truck right where it needed to be!

Thankfully, even the driver stepped in to help! Tammy (Barry’s wife) and I helped where we could, but I have to admit that “concrete work” is marked pretty low on MY skill sheet!
I had to leave before it was totally finished (Zoom call with my sisters – priorities, baby. Priorities), but I went back today to see how it all looked!
Looks great, doesn’t it?
The sidewalk still has an “I’ve been patched” look, but at least it’s no longer a trip hazard!
The concrete won’t be totally cured for another week, so we’ll miss the Big Move. Sometimes it’s hard to leave knowing the job isn’t quite done, but we’re thankful we were at least able to get it as ready to go as we (Gary!) could!

We’ll be here through the weekend, getting packed up and organized before we head out for a bit of R&R before our next project.  It’s been a sweet three weeks here – so glad we came!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!