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SOWER projects worked in 2013


It’s been a while, right?  Sorry! The last several days have been jam packed, so I guess I’d better work on bit of an update before I get even more behind!

It wasn't family, but it was pretty close! And it did include some small people hugs. Thank you, RGV friends, for a lovely Thanksgiving! ❤️
We had a lovely day, enjoying the Big Meal with about 20 friends here in the Valley. Enough delicious food to feed an extra 20 folks, just the right amount of little kids to add some sparkle to the day, and sweet fellowship. Add to that a nice little package of leftovers so we could enjoy some turkey later in the weekend – and we would definitely call the day a Win!
Friday I got started (in earnest) on my Christmas shopping, and made great progress while never getting out of my yoga pants. Thank you, Internet, for free shipping and good discounts and no crowds. Saturday I spent most of the day sewing, and Sunday just continued on with a lovely day of worship and (more) rest! Such a delightful weekend!
The Birds
With the feeders empty, we lost our little window antics. However, once we got those feeders filled, they were right back – in all of their “Hey, that’s my spot” glory!
The Building
But maybe what needs to be updated the most is the progress on the building. And oh my, what progress there has been!
This was the scene when we arrived in early October –
After more delays that anyone thought possible, the first beam was finally installed on Nov. 5th.
Let the building begin!
From that point on the progress was steady and sure –
It’s hard to tell in this shot, but the roof is done on the front (right hand side of picture) of the building. That’s a really good thing, because on Saturday this week Juan and friends marked up the floor for where the walls were going!
And on Monday morning, bright and early, a mission team from Tennessee (that had driven all weekend)started framing in the walls!
Framing Day 1-5

Those guys are heading back to Tennessee  early tomorrow morning, and the work that was accomplished in those three days was astounding. But I think those days are worthy of their own post. So that’s all for tonight, friends – we’ll probably see you tomorrow with the rest of the story!

Bits and pieces

Sometimes, when I’m thinking about a blog post, I have trouble figuring out just what might have happened over the last couple of days that would be interesting for you. So tonight I thought I’d just scroll through my phone and see what I’d been taking pictures of and do a bit of random sharing about them. So let’s see…
Well, there was this guy –
Yep – a baby opossum. We’d been having some feral kittens getting into our trash and Gary was determined to catch them and deliver them to the local SPCA. He borrowed a have-a-heart trap and picked up some sardines. And he did catch one. But it was over the weekend, so he gave it a reprieve and let it loose. And then he set the trap again on a weeknight. And then – along came a baby opossum. Pretty sure the SPCA wasn’t an option for opossums, so we let it go. And then we caught it again. And then we let it go again, and then we put away the sardines and the trap. Surprisingly, the kitties haven’t returned either!
Remember the lovely banquet we went to last week?
FABA2013-1 Well, beautiful table settings like that generate a bit of laundry. Like 400 chair covers and 400 napkins and 40 table runners/toppers.
And laundry is something we are very qualified to do!
And if you had gone to that banquet last week, you might have come home with a coupon for some free dipped fruit from Edible Arrangements and then you could have had this for breakfast one morning.
It's ok to have chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast, right?
Next up –
Check this out –
Life is (still) good here in the valley!
Now don’t you wish YOU were here in The Valley? 🙂

And finally –
Remember this shot from less than two weeks ago?
Let the building begin!
Well, here is where the building is as of Friday –
A beautiful sight indeed!

So there you have it – some bits and pieces of our life. Thanks for coming along!

A good start

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that November has always been a favorite month – possibly even The Favorite Month. It’s chock full of birthdays – 3 in my immediate family and another 4 in my extended family (Happy Birthday (yesterday), Fitz!).  I’ve begun to give Christmas sewing and gifts some serious thought, but there isn’t quite the panic that comes once December hits. And there at the end of the month is Thanksgiving. It’s been wonderful to see how November has become a month of Gratitude with many of my friends posting daily “thankful updates” on Facebook and other blogs. I had every intention of doing a “thankful” blog post every day in November, but here it is, already the 5th and it’s been pretty quiet here!  Oh, trust me, it’s not that I’m not thankful – there is just so much to be thankful for in this life we’ve been graced with that I was somewhat stumped about where to start.  So let’s start just a couple small things. Like…….
I definitely think this qualifies for a great way to start a month of thankfulness. Gotta love South Texas.
the price of gas here in the RGV! Gotta be thankful for that right?
And then there was this that just happened today –
Let the building begin!
Yes, it’s a loonnnng way from needing Gary’s A/C expertise, but hey, it’s a (long overdue) start! And my goodness, we’re thankful for that!
How about the wonder of technology and FaceTime? So very thankful for that!
Weston FaceTime
Next time I’ll try to get him to stay still for a minute! 🙂 (Please disregard that crazy looking woman in the corner!)
Our November has had a great start! So much to be thankful for, so little time!

I’m not a big fan.

Of Halloween, that is. Goblins and ghouls and gravestones……………ugh.  But there are some parts of this season that I am a fan of – and one of them is  little kids in costumes!
2013 10 30
Tonight we joined our winter Church Family at their Harvest Party. Games, great food, lots of little kids and lots of fun!
2013 10 301
And then there was this little guy –
Please don't think that holding this sweet baby boy was as wonderful as holding little Reis would have been, by I must say that it did this Gramma's heart good. #instacollage
He’s just a couple of days older that our Reis(who will be a whopping one month old on Thursday!), and while it wasn’t quite as wonderful as holding Reis would have been, it was pretty fine. And it did this Gramma’s heart good!
So tonight was definitely something to be a fan of. 🙂
But what I’m  a Really Big Fan of is MY grandkiddos in costumes –

imageThe Super Hero Fabulous Five
Of these things, I will always be a fan!

An ordinary week

The last couple of days I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about the past week in an interesting way.  Let’s face it, some day are just plain ordinary. Regular. Simple.  And trust me, I know that’s not a bad thing.  Simple is good. Regular is comforting. Ordinary is a blessing. But, it does make it hard to blog about. 🙂

I wasn’t sure if you wanted to know how Gary and I spent last Saturday doing some long overdue chores. Like how we spend the morning scrubbing our sunshades
so that we could get them on the rig to help keep the blazing South Texas sun from beating in through those great front windows!
(The beauty of those shades is that they give some wonderful privacy as well. And though they do obstruct our view a bit, we still feel like we can see out!)
Or if you would find it interesting that we made some good progress on removing the failed Diamond Shield from the front of the RV.
Yuck. This has been one of those little-bit-at-a-time projects. The dirt you see is actually underneath the plastic sealant, which once you scrape off still leaves behind a very stubborn adhesive. Some of our tools of the morning –
and we still haven’t found the definitive solvent. But yet we persevere. That blazing South Texas sun was actually helpful in getting the layer of plastic off (and I have the sunburned shoulders to prove it),
but I eventually moved to a smaller area to get a sense of accomplishment.
Let’s hear it for small victories!

Guess what’s happening in this picture?
FOT Campground-5
It’s a chip repair on the windshield. A little preventative measure to keep it from becoming a crack.
I guess that’s a little out of the ordinary.

The work front has been a bit on the ordinary side too. We’re here at Macedonian Christian Academy to help install the air conditioning in their new school building. However, as so very often happens, there have been some delays in getting said new building up –
It’s THERE – it’s just not up!
So we’re waiting on the Lord’s timing on this one. Gary is keeping busy with lots of jobs over at the existing school and I’m helping out a bit here and there. So it’s been a quiet week for me. Mostly hanging around the campground
enjoying the ordinary things.

Yet, just as I sat here writing about The Ordinary, this happened.
My. Oh. My. There was no way to capture this, but hundreds and hundreds of butterflies were passing by the RV, on their way to Mexico, no doubt.

Looks like things aren’t so ordinary after all!